Basement renovation Basement renovation Basement renovation Basement renovation

Basement renovation

A basement renovation can be more complicated than expected, wherein lies the importance of dealing with a team of professionals. Many details need to be taken into consideration when planning a basement renovation. Let our project managers guide you in your project so that you can beam at the results.

By renovating your basement, you can give it a whole new use:

  • Workshop

  • Office

  • Home theatre

  • Bedroom

  • Play area

  • Workout room

A professional basement renovation team

The Excellence Construction Rénovation team is known for its ability to create functional and stylish spaces. For your basement renovation, do business with our experts and treat yourself to an optimized living space based on your specific needs.

Our unique approach allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing you with a pleasant and personalized experience. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to actively participate in each phase of the basement renovation, so that your space can be optimized according to your needs.

Excellence Construction Rénovation: for a basement renovation that meet your needs

Colour choices

Seeing as the basement is the darkest space in a home, the colours you choose will have a tremendous impact on its brightness. You only need to find the right colour that will fit with the atmosphere you wish to create.

Lighting in your new basement

Lighting should be a priority in any basement renovation. This detail can have a significant impact and make the difference between a functional space and a truly breathtaking space. Recessed lighting, rotating projectors or a combination of varying light fixtures equipped with a dimmer can help you create an enjoyable living space.

The addition of decorative elements

Depending on your basement use, you can reflect your personality in the decorative elements you choose. Let your imagination guide you. It will be our pleasure to incorporate unique decorative elements to your renovation project.

The materials to choose

The range of materials that can be used in a basement renovation will allow you to make decisions. Based on the type of space you want; many materials could be properly exploited. It is up to you to make bold suggestions!

On the South Shore or Greater Montréal, entrust us with your basement renovation project

Know that we can help you transform your decor. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We will guide you in all the phases of your project up until the final reveal.