Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation

Our team of professionals will be able to meet your highest expectations in terms of bathroom renovation.

Our various bathroom renovation services are:

  • Installation of gypsum board and plastering

  • Installation of ceramic flooring

  • Installation of shower tray and contour

  • Installation of bathroom vanities

  • Installation of bathtubs and toilets

  • Installation of bathroom fixtures

We are the experts of bathroom renovation

When you choose our company to renovate your bathroom, you choose efficient workers who are attentive to details in addition to treating yourself to a space that will meet your expectations. To accomplish this, we can count on the support of a range of professionals that will provide their own expertise to the project.

Architects, designers, and civil engineers work with us, thus guaranteeing that the renovations are done in accordance with the requirements of the Quebec building code. Moreover, we have many certifications that attest to the seriousness of our commitment to you.

Excellence Construction Rénovation: For both a spectacular and comfortable bathroom

When we begin a bathroom renovation project, our prime objective is always the same: that the result meets the client’s expectations. To do this, we do not hesitate to take into consideration all the special requests that our customers might have.

A custom bathroom design

The arrangements of aesthetic elements in a bathroom are practically endless. It is of the utmost importance that each decor element is meticulously chosen. Whether it is for the choice of the vanity, shower or flooring, your opinion will always be respected and taken into consideration.

A new relaxing space

We strongly believe that an ideal bathroom should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should also provide a maximum level of comfort. Consequently, we will propose you a layout that will offer you utmost relaxation when you’ll be taking a bath or a shower. This can be done by installing heated flooring or by adjusting the room lightness.

On the South Shore or Greater Montréal, entrust us with your bathroom renovation project

Whether for a residential or commercial renovation project, know that we can make your dream bathroom come true. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We will guide you in all the phases of the project up until the reveal.