Flooring installation Flooring installation Flooring installation Flooring installation Flooring installation

Flooring installation

At Excellence Construction Rénovation, we have built our reputation thanks to our expertise as a flooring installer. Our project managers are present to guide you in your choice of materials. We will install the flooring and do all the preparatory work such as leveling the concrete subfloor. We can also do the finishing work such as the installation of baseboards.

The different types of flooring that we can install are:

  • Laminate flooring (floating)

  • Vinyl flooring

  • Ceramic or marble flooring

  • Engineered wood flooring

  • Hardwood flooring (oak, maple, etc.)

Choose Excellence Construction Rénovation: for its unique expertise in flooring installation

Nowadays, there is a multitude of flooring choices on the market. You must exercise rigor when choosing which type of flooring will meet your expectations both from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. Furthermore, you should take its durability into consideration which can sometimes justify an additional investment cost-wise.

The best flooring for each room

Seeing as every room in a house has a different vocation, it is important that each room have its own specific flooring based on its use. For example, in a kitchen, ceramic tile could be a logical solution given its ease of cleaning whereas hardwood would combine beauty and solidity in a living room.

Flooring installed by experts

No matter what kind of flooring you choose, if it is installed incorrectly, you will not be able to fully benefit from it . Indeed, the installation of certain types of flooring requires competencies that only experts have. Therefore, rather than taking the chance of having to redo your floors a few years later, trust our installation team and rest assured that your new floor will stand the test of time.

On the South Shore or Greater Montréal, entrust us with the installation of your new flooring

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We will accompany you every step of the way up until you can walk on your brand-new floors.