Properly designing your kitchen will allow you to have as much pleasure when preparing your meals as you have when enjoying them later. Even if the culinary arts do not have the same importance to everyone, designing a kitchen according to daily needs is of utmost importance.

Creating a functional and well-equipped kitchen is not a simple task. A strategic renovation aimed at reorganizing your kitchen can simplify the cooking steps as well as improve the quality of the moments that you spend in it.

Kitchen design tips: organizing your storage

Set up strategic areas

Setting up strategic areas when designing your kitchen can increase your productivity by attributing specific kitchen spaces to certain cooking functions. Generally, a kitchen is divided into 3 strategic areas: the food preparation area, the cooking area and the dish washing area. These 3 areas must be well distanced and have enough space inside them to easily perform all their functions.

When renovating your kitchen, consider setting up these spaces.

Optimize your space

Cooking being a daily practice, make sure that your kitchen is organized in the most convenient way. Indeed, your kitchen should be organized according to your needs.

Referred to as the kitchen work triangle, this area is the space between the sink, the refrigerator, and the hobs. These 3 points must be properly distanced, and the area must be free of objects because the majority of your movements will be made there. Also, it is recommended to group the trash, dishwasher and sink to reduce your movements.

As you can see, it is important to facilitate the circulation within your kitchen. Indeed, it is according to this aspect that you should plan the layout of your kitchen.

Choosing the right type of material

Whether through exposure to food or liquids, your new kitchen is destined to get dirty. Consequently, the right choice of materials is essential to ensure your new kitchen’s long-term durability. Whether for the worktop, the furniture or the flooring, the materials must withstand frequent cleaning, people moving around or food deposits.

That’s why we recommend choosing the coatings accordingly so that your kitchen can last over time.

Have furniture adapted to your kitchen space

Small kitchen

If you have a limited kitchen space, it is important to organize your furniture so that your kitchen can provide as many services as possible. For example, even though having a kitchen island may seem bulky, you can save a lot of storage space if it is well adapted to your kitchen. In addition, other storage compartments can be added to your kitchen to optimize your space.

Large kitchen

For a large kitchen, we recommend not overloading the space. An open space that is not compromised by bulky furniture is much more pleasant to live in.

Make your kitchen a pleasant space

No two kitchens are designed exactly the same way because each family has its own habits and therefore, a specific kitchen plan does not always correspond to every family’s needs. Consequently, hiring a qualified renovation contractor can help you determine the kitchen design that’s right for you.