Do you constantly postpone your renovation project and wait for the ideal moment? Are you waiting until your next vacation to start a project so that you can be away from the dust and noise? On the other hand, you would want to personally evaluate the progress of your renovation project to make sure that it meets your expectations.

Know that it is possible to live comfortably at home, even if your house turns into a full-scale renovation site. These simple tips will help you turn your renovation project into a positive experience.

The key to staying at home: planning your renovation

Staying at home while doing renovations can have many advantages. This can be a wise decision due to the savings that you’ll make by not having to rent temporary housing and the fact that you’ll be able to see the evolution of the project in real time.

Nonetheless, living in a home under renovation can be a challenge and it will be necessary to take some precautions to avoid any inconvenience. Make sure to outline all the steps with your contractor to achieve a successful renovation project.

Create temporary accommodations

Before starting your renovation project, it is important to determine how the renovated rooms will be used on a daily basis and to adapt these rooms temporarily. For example, if your family is used to having lunch around the kitchen island, you could organize a temporary lunch area in the living room with a refrigerator nearby. This kind of temporary installation will allow your family to be more comfortable and maintain some of your daily habits.

Store your items to facilitate the project

Store all your valuable or bulky items to prevent accidents. Workers who renovate your home should be able to move comfortably within it. They will regularly walk across the common areas to go outside, either to throw out debris or bring in their tools.

It is therefore important to clear the high traffic areas and the rooms that will be renovated to facilitate the circulation of the workers.

Partition the rooms to limit dust

Make sure that your general contractor isolates the open spaces from the work area with plastic sheeting. Towels can also be placed at the bottom of the doors to prevent excessive dust or noise. By creating tight seals, it will be easier to keep the dust away from the rest of your home and make your life more enjoyable during the renovation period.

Adapt your lifestyle according to renovations

If you are renovating your kitchen, you may not have access to all your appliances and cooking equipment. Consequently, before starting the project, you might consider planning a day to cook a batch of meals. It will be easier to microwave these frozen meals in the temporary dining room afterwards.

Share your ideas with your contractor

Effective communication is the basis of success, especially during a renovation project. Share your expectations and ideas with your contractor to ensure a successful renovation project. For example, discuss with your contractor about where the workers can store their tools, where they can eat or rest without interfering with your daily life.

Do not hesitate to contact the Excellence Construction Renovation team for all your future projects. We have a great deal of renovation experience and recommendations for your renovation projects.