The kitchen occupies a prime location in a living space, whether residential or commercial. It is no wonder that modernizing this room is such an exciting project. Nevertheless, a renovation is a major project that raises many questions before the best possible decisions can be made.

Here are some ideas to consider when planning to renovate an old kitchen.

Before renovating your kitchen, get some inspiration

Before taking out the heavy equipment, why not take some inspiration from it? There are so many choices when it comes to renovating an old kitchen. Browse magazines that cover renovation. Visit furniture and decoration stores. Also think about how you want to use your space. Does the current layout of your kitchen still meet your needs and lifestyle? This is the perfect time to think about it, since you are about to transform your space. Take the time to reflect on your project. Perhaps you would benefit from discussing your intentions with a company that specializes in residential and commercial renovation projects.

The kitchen island: a welcome addition when modernizing

Let’s move away from the walls and go to the center of your kitchen. Islands add a very practical extra work surface. They allow you to unclutter your existing counters and redesign the room by moving your sink, dishwasher, or even your stove. Moreover, the central island is a very popular decorative element for designing a bar area.

Materials: make a long-lasting choice

Since you are about to make major changes to your kitchen, it would be a good idea to plan for the future. Choose materials that are durable, resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Work surfaces, usually in the form of countertops, are often made of melamine. This material is widely used because it can be manufactured with virtually unlimited finishes, as well as being easy to maintain and cost-effective. However, melamine is not a very durable material, mainly because of its sensitivity to water, an element that is quite often found in a kitchen. Choose materials like marble, quartz and granite, which are more expensive options, but oh so much more appealing in terms of longevity!

Consider replacing your plumbing when upgrading your kitchen

Renovating an old kitchen doesn’t just mean bringing the appearance up to date. In many cases, it is worth renovating your plumbing. If it is outdated, it could break or leak and cause significant damage to your living space. In addition, if you want to replace your old electric stove with a gas stove, you will need to install a suitable piping system. Consider including the replacement of your plumbing and pipework in your modernization project. It could also be beneficial for your bathroom and the rest of your home.

Spotlight on your renovation project lighting

When renovating an old kitchen, lighting is an important element to consider! There are many different styles. A lighting expert can advise you and guide you to a model that will perfectly match your new kitchen design. Nevertheless, one of the most sought-after lighting is the recessed light fixture. It is subtle and can create beautiful atmospheres when paired with a dimmer.

Renovate an old kitchen with experts

Renovating an old kitchen is an exciting project that can turn sour if you don’t plan it properly or if you don’t involve the right professionals.

Excellence Construction Renovation is a benchmark in kitchen renovation. Whether your project is residential or commercial, our experts are dedicated to providing you with quality ergonomic layouts that perfectly match your lifestyle. For more information or to discuss your renovation project, contact our professional renovation experts.