Patrick Zabé once sang about how good it feels to be in the bath. But his song implies that it also feels good to be in your bathroom. If this doesn’t resonate with you and you feel the need to modernize this space, here are some renovation ideas for a small bathroom.

Renovating a small bathroom requires a modern vanity

To take advantage of all the space at your disposal, start by adding a vanity under your bathroom sink. This additional storage solution lets you store a variety of toiletries on it that you would normally put on shelves. Vanity cabinets can be designed in many ways. A good cabinet has at least two drawers. A thinner top drawer for smaller items, and a more spacious top drawer for larger accessories. To provide even more space, you can also choose a glass sink. Glass is much less visually strenuous than its porcelain counterpart.

The shower, an additional source of space

The solution to your lack of space may lie in your shower. Here too, glass can be used to help. To increase the space in your bathroom, glass shower doors are a popular solution. Alternatively, you can replace your molded plastic shower base with an Italian-style shower with ceramic or concrete flooring. In addition to being fashionable, this type of shower occupies less space, so it will enhance the impression of spaciousness.

Painting, tapestry and ceramics. Small bathrooms unveil big ideas

Colours also have an impact on our perception of space. Dark colours give the impression of a more enclosed space. To this end, consider repainting your bathroom with a lighter colour when doing your renovation work. White is the colour that most enhances the perception of spaciousness. If painting doesn’t appeal to you, opt for light-coloured tapestry or ceramics.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the biggest of them all

In addition to pale colours, mirrors can help to create impressions of grandeur. And what would a bathroom be without a mirror? So consider replacing your small mirror with a larger one. Avoid choosing a mirror with a large frame, since this would cancel out the perceived additional space. Mirrors aren’t limited to walls. Mirror ceiling lights are available in stores and they enhance the impression of ceiling height, which is perfect for small bathrooms.

Get help renovating your small bathroom

Small bathrooms can benefit from many additions to free up as much space as possible. To discuss your project with a specialist in the field or to renovate your bathroom, contact Excellence Construction Renovation. You won’t find hands this skilled anywhere else.